Why people love using the Huawei Mate 9 and P10

With smartphones becoming an integral part of life, many new smartphone manufacturing brands are coming up on the market every other day. As the number of smartphone manufacturing companies is on the rise, the competition between them has also increased significantly. Each of them is trying to offer the best deal at the lowest price. Yet, there are few, which can actually match the quality or performance of Huawei smartphones. Both the Huawei Mate 9 and P10 have unfazed popularity in the market. If you are also interested in purchasing any of these devices and want to know the reason behind their popularity, you can scroll down.

  • Camera
    It is not only the computers that have taken a backseat after the advent of smartphones but also the digital cameras are slowly becoming the thing of past. Huawei knows this better than many other smartphone brands. Therefore, with each new model, they try to make the camera better. With a 12-megapixel rear camera, you can certainly get a quality snap of any object from your Huawei P10. The makers are also careful about your interest for a selfie and have provided an 8-megapixel front camera. Yet, low light can be a problem for photographers as the device does not provide you with a flash.
  • Updated Operating System
    Huawei is always known for offering the latest Android system, and Huawei P10 is no exception. This smartphone uses the Android 7 operating system with EMUI 5.1 skin. That means you can conduct all your computing activities smoothly.
  • Price
    This is another important factor to be taken into account when you are considering the huge demand for the Huawei P10. Compared to the other renowned smartphone manufacturing brands available in the market, Huawei has always kept their devices cheaper so that customers can use them without getting a hole in their pocket. Yet, in doing so, they never make any kind of compromise with the features of the phone, and you can use it with complete peace of mind.
  • Battery capacity
    The Huawei P10 is not just about a high-quality camera and latest operating system. It also has an equally strong battery capacity. The device boasts a 3100 mAh battery, and you can easily use your device without worrying about recharging the phone every couple of hours.

If you are looking for the Huawei P10 or Mate 9, you can search for online stores offering these phones. There are several sites that offer special discounts on these devices, and purchasing from them can make you a gainer in every sense. Yet, you should always purchase from an authentic store and avoid ones with negative feedback. Other phones that you can consider are the Leeco LE S3 and the Doogee X10