Tips to skilfully measure rugs for different rooms

If you are planning to buy affordable rugs, you must have the accurate measurements for them. You should measure the length and width of the room before you set out to shop for rugs.

Here are some of the important things you must consider when buying affordable rugs:

  • Take the measurements of the functional furniture pieces such as the bed, sofa, coffee table and dining table.
  • Make a sketch of the floor plan to showcase the traffic flow and the furniture placement. Subtract the area to be covered by rugs from the complete room measurements to find out how much floor area would be exposed. Keep a check on the space between the rug area and wall. It shouldn’t be much narrow or too wide. All these factors are important when choosing the ideal size of the area rug.

Dimensions of rugs needed for different home spaces:

  • Dining rooms: The rugs for your dining room must be big enough to cover the complete area of tables and chairs. A dining table of average size with six chairs must be placed on a rug of dimensions 8*10. Large dining tables with eight or ten chairs look good on rugs of size 9*12 or even bigger.
  • Living rooms: You can make your living spaces look better with beautiful rugs. They will look cozy and comfortable. To place coffee table, chairs and sofa you need a rug of about 8*10. Rugs of dimension 5*7 can be put under bookshelves, leather armchairs, and lamp table. Place a simple pattern or all-over patterned rug if your living spaces have some main focal point such as fireplace, bookshelf or TV. You can even place two different rugs which will complement the existing dcor or colors.
  • Bedroom: The size of rugs in the bedroom depends on whether you want the bed to sit on the top of the rug or not. Rugs with size 8*10 or 12*18 would be ideal for the bedrooms.
  • Kitchens: You can place a rug of 5*7 under the kitchen tables. You can even consider placing scatter rugs or mats in the kitchens.
  • Hallway: You can place 2-3 feet wide rugs in the hallways and expose 5-6 inches of spaces on both sides of the runner.

You can get the amazing deals for discount rugs at the Christmas rug sale. You can even stock these affordable rugs for future use when the current ones wear out. The best rugs are highly attractive and versatile. They look great and enhance the appearance of your dining rooms, bedrooms and living spaces.

You can buy rugs from both online and offline stores. You can even explore the rich range of rugs and then choose to buy the best rugs which suit the existing room interior of your homes.