The Best Smartphones To Wait For In 2018

The rate at which smartphones are being launched, it has become extremely difficult to stick on to one for a considerable period of time. Every single year, brands release the next variant of the device with major to minor modifications and suddenly, the price of the previous one falls down drastically which can be a bit frustrating at times. However, some new smartphones will be launched this year that promise great potential and tech experts are eying on. If you are planning to buy a new phone, hold on and wait for these exciting devices that are deemed to be the best smartphones of 2018.

  • iPhone 9, XI
    Last year saw the release of the much awaited iPhone 8 and a surprise iPhone X that sent the fan base of Apple in a tizz. If tech enthusiasts are to believed, this year will see the launch of the iPhone 9, iPhone 9 Plus and also the iPhone XI (by whatever name called). All the devices are expected to possess the facial recognition feature like their iPhone X counterpart. Although, much cannot be said about the specifications, one thing we know for sure that the details will be released no sooner than September, 2018. It is also being anticipated that even the price will not be as high as the iPhone X.
  • Pixel 3
    If rumors are to be believed, Google Pixel is expected to be launched in crosshatch, blueline as well as albacore forms. Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are being predicted as the best smartphones for the forthcoming year form the house of Google. Again, it is too early to list the features of the high end smartphones.
  • Galaxy S9
    Just like Apple, Samsung is also anticipated the next generation of its Galaxy S series. Interestingly, Samsung is focusing a lot on building a brand name of its devices especially the S series and the Note that have witnessed negative publicity in the future. Therefore, it is expected that the S9 will compose of some high end features from Samsung that will leave the customers delighted. The device that might be launched in March has a high probability of being termed as one of the best smartphones of 2018.
  • One Plus 6
    Oneplus 5 got sold off from the shelves at a really fast rate and so did its brother Oneplus 5T. Those who delayed their decision to buy a new phone by another year are eagerly waiting for the One Plus 6 and we are sure it would live up to the expectations. However, they will have to wait till June to know more about this exciting phone.
  • HTC U12
    If HTC U11 was one of the best smartphones in 2017, its successor the HTC U12 is also said to be preferred by experts. When the company stated that it is going to manufacture a smartphone that has dual lens camera, gadget freaks concluded that the next offering from HTC will contain one. Therefore, this feature is foreseen as an important aspect of the HTC U12. The squeezing technology is expected to stay and the design too is said to be similar. Other features will be worth looking forward to when the phone reaches the store shelves somewhere around the mid of the coming year.
  • Nokia 9
    Nokia has still not withdrawn from the race of rolling out smartphones, and it is expected that the brand will be releasing the Nokia 9 in the first quarter of 2018. Nokia plans to learn from its competitor giants and intends to introduce similar features such as water resistant properties, long lasting battery, and the latest Snapdragon processor. It is a predicted to qualify to the list of the best smartphones, provided Nokia does not repeat the mistakes made in the past.

LG G7, Huawei P20, and Sony Xperia XZ 2 are other devices that can make it to the list of the best smartphones in 2018.