Secret to a sound sleep: Sleep Number adjustable beds

Everybody loves a good sleep, but you need to know the correct ingredients for that. Going to bed on time doesn’t always assure better sleeping; the primary factor is the level of comfort. The base of the bed, the mattress and bedding together make a good night’s sleep. With Sleep Number adjustable beds, the great news is you can fix your bed according to your position of support. There are several varieties and models available for you to choose the best adjustable bed. Get ready to be in bed with an experience you never had before.

What does the adjustable bed offer?
Endless head positions with a feeling of zero gravity, under-the-bed lighting, foot warmer to help you fall asleep fast are some of the most distinguishing factors of these adjustable beds.

Features of Sleep Number adjustable beds
Sleep Number beds are specialized in relieving back pain. The sleep quality is the best as compared to the inner-spring mattresses as it gently cushions your body while you sleep.
The dual-layer design is a feature that helps you individualize your level of comfort with contouring foam, such that it is perfect for both of you.
A wireless digital remote offers a variety of combination from 0 to 100, and you can choose a number to obtain the ideal combination of support and firmness.
It has a feature called whisper-quiet control. You can adjust your individual setting of comfort position without disturbing your partner sleeping next to you.
It has a microfiber upholstered base, which allows you to raise the head of the mattress and elevate the foot for maximum support and comfort whether you are lying down or sitting up to watch or read.
The advanced system of pressure mapping helps in decreasing pressure and increasing comfort. Therefore, you wake up feeling fresh and well-rested.

Sleep Number adjustable bed includes the following:
Super soft cover, which is breathable for a comfortable sleep
European-style pillow top with mattress thickness of 11 inches
Exclusive Sleep Number DualAir technology, which helps you adjust each side of the bed for the firmness with a wireless remote.
Edge-to-edge cushioning and 2 inches high-density foam topper pad

The age old quotation of Woody Allen does not stand true anymore with Sleep Number adjustable bed. He said, The lion and the calf should lie down together, but the calf won’t get too much sleep. Not taking the literal sense of being, we can very well say that two people sharing the bed can sleep comfortably as Sleep Number caters differently to different individuals.
So for what are you waiting? It’s time to bring comfort home with everlasting firmness and durability to get that refreshing sound sleep every single nigh.