Popular Car Cover Brands to Choose From

There are times where you don’t use your car for days together. Leaving it out in the open can allow it to gather a lot of dust and other unwanted debris on the car. Cleaning it will be an absolute task. You won’t have to worry for even a second if you have a car covers. Car covers come in several models and are inexpensive. Investing in one will come to your aid for years together. There are brands that even sell weatherproof car covers. This will protect the car from all types of elements, including problems like scratches and discoloration. There are covers that are multi-layered and can protect the car from all sorts of physical damage. There are many different brands that you can find in the market.

Best cover brands that you should know

If you want the car cover to last and provide optimal usage, you need to go for the best brands. Here are five car cover brands that you should consider.


This is a brand that’s been providing accessories for cars since 1965. They make tailor fit covers that come with a wide range of colors. You can find a car cover for any model of car from this brand. Moreover, you even get a one year warranty. Be sure to take your CoverCraft car cover when you hit the road for long vacations.


This brand has car covers meant for indoors and outdoors. They even have car covers meant for long-term car storage. You can get indoor car covers for about $449.99 and outdoor ones for just about $879.99. You can get it delivered to any location as they even have free shipping service. Carcapsule is known for their great customer service.

Rhino shelter

Brand new to the car cover business, they are known and envied for their success in the market. They keep customer needs ahead of their profits and give you the best car covers in the market. This family-run business has a wide range of products that you will see expanding through many years in the future.

3D MAXpider

This brand has all sorts of car accessories. When it comes to car covers, they ensure that with their car covers, your vehicle will be free of dents and dust. Their car covers are long-lasting and can be used for all types of environments. Depending on your budget you can get car cover for this brand from $99 to $300.


If you are one who likes to go for the classics then, this is the brand for you. You can expect the best quality from OverDrive. They have car covers for everything from hatchbacks to sedans. They also ensure paint protection for several years. It comes with an elastic that will ensure that the cover stays in place. Moreover, it comes with a two-year warranty. They also have many exciting deals on covers.

Select a brand

You need to find a car cover brand that you trust. There are many companies that sell covers at all price ranges. You need to filter and find the best one in the market. You will be using the car cover for years to come. So go for the best.
There are few features that your car cover needs to have. The most important of those is waterproofing. The material of the car cover needs to be water resistant. This is essential when it comes to outdoor car covers. The next factor is that the size needs to be a perfect fit. Finally, you need to look at the locking mechanism. The car cover needs to be secured so that it stays in place and serves the purpose. For this, there are ties and straps. Make sure that they are there in the car cover you buy and use it properly for optimal usage.
Opt for a car cover from a known brand that has all the above-mentioned features and more to keep your car safe and secure.