Picking the best appliances by Rachael Ray Cookware

There are a few households that aren’t completely familiar with the name of Rachael Ray. If for some reason you’re only hearing the name Rachael Ray now, then you’re about to be blown away by this phenomenal cook and baker, and what she has to offer to you.

Starting from her television show, Rachael Ray is the master of more than a thousand different recipes – both cooked and baked. And if that weren’t enough she also has a magazine and cookbook of her own that lets her reach an even wider audience. This means you can cook up anything that Rachael Ray says you can!

Now, to take you a step closer, Rachael Ray Cookware has made it even easier for just about anyone – amateur or expert – to make their cooking more Rachael Ray-like. But if you have the slightest doubt, here’s a breakdown in the number of ways that Rachael Ray Cookware is better than your run-of-the-mill appliances.

All around useful
If you’re considering investing in a collection of pans and pots that are handy and don’t come with parts that you won’t know what to do with – then give a serious nod to Rachael Ray Cookware. The entire cookware includes the following:

  • A large cooking pot: This is a must-have if you’re into stews and soups; both of which are some of Rachael’s favorite recipes. The large size of the pot means you can control the quantity with ease, making cooking for larger families easier than ever.
  • A small and medium pot each: They serve the same purpose as a larger pot, only for those looking to cook in smaller portions.
  • A sauté pan: This is one of the most underrated products in the market. A sauté pan is useful for frying up burger patties, or seafood-based items that cook fast and often end up sticking to the pan.

Stellar performance
Rachael Ray Cookware excels where most other brands often flake up – reliable and stable long-term performance.

The PFOA-free non-stick coating deserves a special mention – it’s more than a non-stick coating and goes a step further by making sure that there’s even heating all over the pot/pan. This is mainly due to its three-layer coating, all without adding any extra baggage on the Rachael Ray Cookware set.