Online Appliances That You Can Buy

When purchasing online appliances, you might come across different styles of products that suit different needs and requirements, For example, refrigerators are available in French Door, Side by Side, Bottom Freezer, Top Freezer, etc. While so many products might leave you confused, we provide you with a list of some of the different types of online appliances that can be purchased on Home Depot.

  • Ranges
    Ranges are available in electric and gasoline form and with single or double ovens. Range backed by both electricity and gasoline are also available on Home Depot. Stainless steel, beige, black stainless are some interesting colors in which they can be purchased in freestanding and slide in designs. These online appliances come with a host of features such as convection ovens and induction cooktops. Example, Samsung 30”, 5.8cu gas range is available for approximately $648.90 while Frigidaire 30”, 4.2cu range is available for around $447.30.
  • Microwaves
    Depending on the spatial characteristics of your house, microwaves come in over the range, countertop and built in designs. KitchenAid 30 inches, 1.9 cu, over the range microwave is available for approximately $498.60 and comes with sensor technology. Magic Chef countertop microwave with 1.6 cu can be bought at a price of approximately $99.88.
  • Refrigerators
    Top freezer refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators, refrigerators without freezers, mini fridges to be kept inside rooms, classy wine fridges, ice makers are provided. Features include door inside doors, flexible doors, ice and water provisions inside the refrigerator doors, compactness and fingerprint proof appliances. To match the kitchen interiors, they can be purchased in stainless steel, black, white and slate colors. Whirlpool, LG, Maytag, GE, Samsung, Frigidaire, Electrolux, KitchenAid, Amana, etc. are a few brands that offer online appliances.
  • Dishwashers
    Choose from a range of front control dishwashers, portable dishwashers or top control dishwashers and various dishwasher accessories that boast of stainless steel interiors, extra storage space, disinfectant wash, and window for keeping a check on the utensils being washed. Home Depot has provided an offer to buy KitchenAid top control dishwasher for approximately $847.80 allowing you to easily save approximately.
  • Wall Ovens
    If your cooking and baking requirements are not too heavy, you can buy single wall ovens and in vice versa cases, double wall ovens work best. The best you can do is buying a microwave combo wall oven which wipes out the need to buy a separate appliance. It is always a better idea to include pots and pans that are supported by these ovens in you cart as well while buying these online appliances. Electrolux offers a high quality, grand double wall oven powered by electricity and having dual convection for a premium price of approximately $2879.10.
  • Cooktops
    Radiant cooktops offer elegance to the kitchen, induction cooktops are more powerful and provide extra heating, coil based cooktops are efficient where slow cooking is involved and gas cooktops offer varying heat intensities. These online appliances come in sizes of 30 inches and 36 inches and with 1 to 6 burners depending on how much you cook on a daily basis. Some brands offer additional vents, grilles, and grates for a better cooking experience.
  • Other online appliances include range hoods, washers, dryers, blenders, juicers, coffee makers and brewers, ice cream maker, popcorn popper, iron, computerized sewing machine, steamers, steam press, air fryer, rice cooker and others. You can also adorn your kitchen with other small appliances such as soda makers, slow cookers, toasters, food choppers, stand mixer, etc. Various packages which include a mix of appliances of the same style or color are also a good option.

Therefore, ranging from cheap variants meant for daily usage to expensive and exotic online appliances, one can select the device according to his or her budget. Basically, there is a product available for every function that forms a part of the daily chores so that manual labor is reduced. Apart from Home Depot, online appliances can also be purchased from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Us Appliances, Costco, Target, Croma and the like.