Here’s how to get your divorce records without any hassle

Getting a divorce is a tedious process. And once the lengthy process is over and the divorce has fallen through, each of the parties involved receives their copy of the divorce certificate. This document is extremely important as it is your only proof that the marriage has been legally dissolved. Whether you want to get remarried or need the divorce records for some legal pursuit, getting the divorce records in the event of losing them can be tricky, unless you know where you can find these divorce records.

While there may be quite a few options to secure the divorce records, to begin with, you will need certain concrete details such as the name of the divorce parties involved, the date of birth of each of the parties, and details pertaining to the location (state/county) where the legal judgment finalizing the divorce was acquired.

The first place to easily find your divorce records is through your attorney. On the event of finalizing any divorce judgment, every attorney carries a record of your case along with the final judgment copy for certain period, depending on their policy. However, you should always remember that at this point, the attorney will only have a copy of your divorce records and it is not the certified one that you got directly from the courts.

Another option is to reach out to the county office of the court’s clerk where your divorce was finalized and place a request by going there in person or through a phone call for a copy of your divorce records. There are some counties that have online options to put in your request. After you have provided a filled up form containing all the details required regarding both the parties, you would be required to pay a nominal fee in order to secure the records. The divorce records obtained here would be the certified copy. In case you have forgotten the county where you finalized your divorce, you can always get the same certified divorce records from the state’s Department of Vital Records. The process is similar to the county office and getting the divorce records would not be a problem as long as you furnish the required details and pay the fee.