Finding the best luxury cars lease deals

Luxury cars are a dream for most, but there is a certain segment of people who can save up and find ways to own a luxury car and live their dream. Smart tricks of the trade like finding the dealer cost to run through the profit margin on websites, buying off lease vehicles instead of leasing them, creating a mini auction bid of prices between various dealers and simply taking a grand luxury car for lease in half the price are some options.

Some tips to save on the luxury car of your dreams are:

  • Find the dealer cost and the profit before hand
  • Websites like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds offer the dealer invoice cost of luxury cars, which can be used to get a good deal
  • Luxury vehicles enable the dealership or merchant to make the profit as compared to other car segments, so the dealers usually lease them out or sell them at prices where they may make even a small amount of profit
  • Dealer invoice prices and the huge profit margin can enable you, the buyer, to negotiate a better price
  • Off leased vehicles set up previously for leasing are usually a little old and pre-used by different owners, thus reducing their cost. These can be snapped up at competitive prices even in the luxury cars segment
  • Off leased vehicles can help the buyer save thousands of dollars for the same model of a luxury car that is new in the market
  • Luxury cars lease deals are still the safest option for people who wish to own a luxury car without dropping a truck load of cash in one go. Since these cars are leased and are expected to be returned to the dealership, they are usually kept in an excellent condition to decrease the depreciation cost
  • Good negotiating strategies like making bids between different dealers is another great way to get luxury cars lease deals for good prices
  • Checking multiple sources for lease deals is one way to look for luxury car deals
  • Scouring different websites and advertisements is another option