Best apps for real-time stock quotes

One of the most important parts of the economy in any country is the stock market and the exchanges where stocks and bonds are traded. In the world of stock market, the first and foremost important aspect is the investor’s vision which is to analyze real-time stock quotes and invest in that particular company’s equity which will reward them handsomely. If you are an investor who is updated with the market, is smart enough to analyze the quotes, and is ready to take few risks, then your equity investments on stocks is an excellent way to make money.

There were days when, in order to analyze the stock, one needed to go switch on the television or get in touch with the company on the phone. However, now everything is available at the touch of the button on the smartphone. Monitoring real-time stock quotes through apps help you instantly decide the accurate time to buy/sell stock. Listed below are some great apps for real-time stock quotes:

Acorns: Acorns is an investment application for Android users and is unique for beginners; however, it just needs a little time of yours. From the everyday transaction, it just takes limited money and invests them in diverse businesses in which the income would double the investment. The investment happens in a fun manner and not that much of a serious level. For example, if the user invests $15.50 in a particular stock, as a round figure, Acorns will create $16 to grab and rest $0.50 to invest.

Economy: For a quick and detailed view of the US Economy, the best-selling and popular app is “Economy.” It is not a free app and is available for both Android and iOS units. It has got many good indicators related to economic, such as trade deficit, manufacturing, etc. supported by the US Federal Reserve.

The TheStreet app: The app of is not only available for Android and iOS but also for Blackberry! It provides detailed quotes in a proprietary stock rating model, live news on the market, ETF experts, and a personal option to check your favorite stocks. This comprises an excellent user-friendly app.

Today in commodities: If you’re very serious about real-time stock quotes then “Today In Commodities” is the top rated stock app on the Apple iStore. One needs a twitter account to start with and it is not a free app. This application contains all information about the stock market and keeps it updated and also monitors the rate of silver, gold, oil, etc. This app provides you equity and fund knowledge on almost everything that happens on the market today!