All you need to know about Leather Jackets

Italian leather jackets, studded and fringe leather jackets are made from the animal hide of various animals. They are mostly dyed to desired requirements in multiple colors like black, brown, red, etc. Italian leather jackets and studded leather jackets are usually designed for different purposes like subcultural festivals, cowboys, motorcyclists, military, greasers, entertainment, political, fashion and other occasions. In the United States every year on June 14th they celebrate the national leather jacket day. These Italian leather jackets, fringe and studded leather jackets mostly come from Canada, India, Pakistan, Mexico and the United States themselves. They use the animal hide leftovers from the meat industry. Apart from this the other materials used to make Italian leather jackets and studded leather jackets are polyurethane or PVC sometimes used as an alternative to animal hide. This is mostly for economic reasons of the seller and religious beliefs of the buyer. The animals that go into the leather jacket making are antelope, buckskin, lambskin, sheepskin, and cowhide. The process is quite cumbersome on making Italian leather jackets, fringe and studded leather jackets. The initial process is the removal of animal skin at the meat processing plant. Then the skin is refrigerated, salted and made into barrel packing which is then sent to the tannery where the same animal skin has to undergo procedures of tanning to make the skin smoother and softer. After which vendors are contacted for raw materials that are needed to make Italian leather jackets and studded leather jackets. The materials include studs, bedazzling jewelry, buttons, scissors, snaps, zips, thread, lining cloth, seam tape, etc. which are then kept safe in the garment store for later use. Apart from these jackets, there are leather vests available in the market. Online stores offer leather vests on sales, discounts and exciting offers.

The distinguished difference between Italian leather jackets made for fashion and protection are that they are thicker, heavier and highly safe to give to motorcyclists which is also a symbol of their rough and tough rides. Leather jackets made for fashion usage would have many pockets, high collars, longer or shorter lengths for the jackets and will be all the more very stylish to look at. Mobile apps like Reliability have been developed to let customers know if the Italian leather jackets and the studded leather jackets are made of genuine leather or are a mixture of many materials. This is a free app and as the caption says they have developed the app to give customers the authentic feel of genuine leather to make their shopping experience worthy.