4 reasons why performance tires must be your first choice

A high-performance engine, suspension kits, and nitrous oxide might be responsible for the speed of your car, but the tires are the ones that actually make the difference. If two cars have similar specifications but one has better tires, 9/10 times the latter will prove to be faster and better. Performance tires are undoubtedly one of the best ways to ramp up the speed of your car. You will not have to spend too much to upgrade your car. Read on to find out why you must choose performance tires.

  • Tires first
    You might think that upgrading other parts of your car might be the right way to improve the car’s performance. Well, you are not entirely wrong, but most of us neglect upgrading the tires or consider that changing tires might not be a defining factor in upgrading the car. The best way to win a race is to go fast in the tight corners, and that can be achieved with a set of top-flight performance tires and not just an upgrade to the engine or suspension.
  • Spend on the tires
    If you buy a car with a six-figure price tag, you must not be one to save a few hundred dollars on the tires. Get the best max-performance tires for your car, they might cost slightly more but will give your car the much-needed zip. An average tire company spends about $1 million on developing rubber that goes into the tires on supercars. These tires get you a distinct grip, the ease to drive through stagnant water, and will also give the driver an intimation about their adhesion well in advance.
  • Know the jargons
    Do not fall for jargons like “ultra-high performance all-season tires,” these tires do not provide the essential grip required for fast cars. They might work best on everyday cars that drive on country roads well within the speed limits. But that’s not what performance tires are about, they bring in the speed and grip. Look for max performance summer tires or three-season tires. These tires are excellent when it comes to road grip, they are stickier. You could also opt for extreme performance summer tires.
  • Choose the right one
    When everything else is similar about any two tires, it is the tallest and the widest tire that will have the maximum interaction with the road. Performance tires are slightly wider than the other tires available in the market. Performance tires fall come in touch with the borderline of the limit provided for tires. A 245/45R17 performance tire will be slightly wider than 245 millimeters and will have an overall diameter of 25.7 inches.