4 reasons to use prefabricated steel buildings

A prefab or a prefabricated building is manufactured in parts at the factory. It is then assembled at the site. The prefabricated frame is easier to manufacture, transport, and build. It is one of the most cost-efficient methods in the building and construction industry. To build an average commercial steel building, it costs around $20 or more for every square foot. Moreover, steel building lasts longer than most other structures.

Read on to know more about the benefits of prefabricated steel buildings.

Durability and reliability
Steel, being one of the strongest metals, can withstand any weather condition. Steel buildings can stand against extreme environmental conditions right from earthquakes to high winds. These structures can also withstand attacks from termites and other pests. Steel buildings are durable enough to not have any rotting or cracking. They can even withstand fire. Moreover, nearly all steel buildings are protected against rust with specialized steel coatings on the surface of the metal. Thus, there is no risk of the structure getting damaged because of any corrosive action.

Strong and easily customized
Whether it is warehouses, event centers, retail spaces, or homes, steel buildings can be easily customized at a manufacturing plant. The structure is manufactured in parts, and the parts are assembled on the site. The design of the structures can be built to match and blend with the surrounding. With advances in steel technology, it has become easier to be innovative in terms of designing and creating new structures when it comes to steel buildings. Metal roof panels, wall panels, and steel frames can now be made to look like other materials like wood stone, as well as brickwork, making steel a very versatile material. Moreover, steel is quite strong without the bulkiness that may be a problem with stone structures.

Eco-friendly and sustainable
Steel is a recyclable material. In the construction industry, most of the steel is recycled and re-used. As they are assembled on the site, steel buildings can also be dismantled. Instead of filling up landfills, the parts can be melted, welded, and used again for other purposes. Moreover, steel does not emit any toxic gases during construction and even in the case of a fire. The use of steel makes the construction process sustainable and the steel building eco-friendly. Additionally, there are lower cooling and heating costs involved in steel structures. This is because it is easier to insulate steel buildings and put tighter-fitting around windows and doors making temperature control more convenient. Additionally, steel buildings can be incorporated with cool roof designs that help in reducing the amount of heat emitted by the structure to the surrounding environment.

Low construction cost
The manufacturing and construction process involved in a steel building often involves automated engineering. This minimizes the labor costs by nearly 60 percent. It also lowers raw material wastage and saves construction time. Moreover, steel buildings can be supported with foundations that cost far less than those used for buildings made of other materials. This brings down the overall cost of the project to a great extent.