4 best SafeLink phones that you can buy

Owning a cell phone is very expensive especially if you are a college student, or someone struggling between jobs without a laptop for Internet and work. SafeLink Communications made available cheap wireless mobile data connectivity in the country by launching affordable SafeLink phones. While you do opt for SafeLink connectivity, it is important to ensure you get the right phone for all your needs. You need to have a smartphone that is compatible with the network to ensure you make the most out of your SafeLink phones.

Here are 4 different smartphones which have complete compatibility with SafeLink wireless mobile data so that you can make the best out of your phone:

Motorola Moto E
The Motorola Moto E is an Android smartphone that is completely compatible with SafeLink connectivity. It is also top rated on the Amazon website as one of the best SafeLink phones that are fully compatible so that you can make the most out of your smartphone. You enjoy a 400-minute card for just $99 when you purchase this phone with the SafeLink package. The phone functions extremely smooth and the user interface is very easy to use and quick as well. You can have multiple applications running in the background without any problems or issues with the battery life or even the running of the phone! The phone does not slow down, and you can talk for hours at a stretch without worrying about your battery dying out on!

Alcatel One Touch Icon Pop
This phone comes with a 5-inch screen which is quite big for a smartphone. This helps you to play games, watch movies online, read and write emails and even read blogs online without worrying about zooming in and out. The phone functioning is smooth, user-friendly along with a very good battery life. Similar to the Motorola Moto E, you can purchase this with SafeLink package for $99 and receive free minutes. You can also transfer your previous minutes for your previous phone onto this without losing out on any talk time. The video quality is not the best on this phone but considering how affordable it is, you can’t really complain! You can easily purchase this phone online on Amazon or directly from the SafeLink store.

TracFone LG 306G
This phone is among the top rated SafeLink phones that are fully compatible with this wireless connectivity. LG manufactures and sells some of the most affordable phones and smartphones without compromising on the quality and efficiency of these products. This smartphone is small which can easily fit in your palm, your jeans pockets or even your tiny clutch purse! It has a smooth running touchscreen, a good camera enough to take a few photos here and there and excellent battery life. The only one drawback of this phone is that the graphics are not too good which means you might end up with slightly blurry photos. But considering how cheap it is ($30 at Amazon!) at its starting package prices, you can’t really complain! It is extremely lightweight as well.

TracFone Galaxy Stardust
Loved by the current users, TracFone Galaxy Stardust is another smartphone that is perfectly compatible with SafeLink wireless connectivity and also has very good customer reviews online. It is only 3G which might be an issue for some but considering the cheap price that you can get this phone for, that shouldn’t be much of an issue! It has an Android operating system which is perfect for people who love Android. The voice quality, speaker and Wi-Fi connectivity are pretty good for such an affordable phone. The image quality is pretty decent with good camera lenses however, a few customers have an issue with the shutter delay as compared to the latest smartphones. Get your hands on this smartphone!